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Geographic Information System (GIS) applications are essential for many fields. A GIS is a powerful and versatile tool for collecting, analyzing, and viewing data. Alpine has been an innovative leader in integrating GIS for database management, spatial analysis, and cartographic display. Our GIS specialists are experienced in scientific fields such as archaeology and geology as well as various municipal GIS applications like urban planning and network analysis. Our team has over 20 years of GIS experience using ArcView, ArcGIS, and ArcInfo. Alpine maintains a state-of-the-art GIS and mapping laboratory that is continually updated to serve our clients, both in the public and private sectors.


We offer comprehensive GIS services for:

Data Management:

Alpine Geospatial possesses the knowledge and resources for the thoughtful collection and development of your data needs to produce value added data and information.

Spatial Analysis:

Our GIS specialists have expertise in extracting information from spatial data. Analytical techniques such as density and surface analysis as well as predictive modeling can be used to answer questions or provide useful information from your data.

Cartographic Design & Production:

We take pride in producing maps that are not only informative but also easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. We can display your data in a way that is appropriate for you and your target audience.

Geologic Mapping:

We employ experienced field geologists ready to survey, collect, integrate, and analyze your bedrock or surficial geologic data. Tools such as GPS technology, GIS, imagery analysis, and field techniques can be employed to deliver your geologic product.

GPS Mapping:

Our technicians are experienced in using the software and equipment that
enables us to offer professional, sub-meter accuracy in data collection.

GIS & GPS Training:

Let us share our knowledge and experience with you. Whether it is to individuals or
to groups, we can work with you to help you fulfill your various geospatial needs.


Our resources include:

  • Multiple PC workstations running ArcGIS Desktop 10 software and a Spatial Analysis extension.
  • Trimble GeoXT mapping grade GPS devices coupled with Terra Sync and Pathfinder Office software.
  • Nikon Total Station DTM-332.
  • HP Designjet Plotter 800PS.
  • Over 20 years of GIS experience, in step with the ever-changing technology
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